Understanding Why We Need To Socialize: Part 2

Increased Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Joining a group of people with the same interests makes life more fun. Volunteering or working a job can provide a reason to get up and go with a smile. Feeling helpful and needed often makes a huge difference in anyone's life, no matter their age.1

Social ties can enhance mental health and sense of well-being, as they promote feelings of attachment and companionship, enhancing one’s sense of purpose and self-esteem. It is well recognized and demonstrated through research that people who feel socially isolated are at increased risk of depression. Social ties can also serve as protective factors for mental health. For those experiencing stress, one’s social network can provide personal support and enhance coping. Social contacts are also a source for sharing information. It has been suggested that knowledge of resources promotes a sense of personal control that enhances one’s ability and confidence to deal with adversity, thereby moderating distress.2.

At the Lake James Adult Community, we're always looking for ways to benefit our residents. If volunteering is an interest of yours, check these resources for opportunities in the Lakeland area:




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