8 Benefits of Living in a 55+ Community

Designed with the needs of aging residents in mind, 55+ communities are becoming popular choices for seniors. While every homebuyer has his or her own set of needs in mind, the 55+ homebuyer is likely to find what they’re looking for in a community that is designed just for them. 

1. A Home Designed for Seniors
Not to be confused with retirement homes or nursing facilities, senior communities can range from apartment complexes or condos, to single-family homes in gated communities. These communities often have special features that are specifically designed for aging residents such as wider doorways to allow room for walkers or wheelchairs. Additionally, most of these homes are one-level, allowing residents easy access to any room without having to go up and down stairways.

2. Fabulous Amenities
Senior communities don’t have to be boring! The 55+ communities typically have great amenities, including clubhouses, fitness centers, tennis courts, pools and spas, and golf course access. Some even offer fun, community events such as cooking classes or craft workshops.

3. Low Maintenance Living
Most senior communities have homeowners associations, which are often charged with the responsibility of maintaining the community amenities and keeping up with landscaping. Community associations also may cover other costs such as home insurance, transportation services, and even some utilities.

4. Convenient Location
Builders tend to plan senior communities near shopping centers, restaurants, churches, hospitals and other community facilities.

5. Security
Living in a 55+ neighborhood can offer older residents peace of mind. Knowing you’re among others who have similar lifestyles can help residents feel comfortable, even if they live alone. Additionally, many senior communities offer security measures such as community gates or security police patrol.

6. Option to Buy or Rent
Homes in 55+ communities are typically bought, although some communities do offer rental options. This can provide a valuable asset to the homeowner.

7. Some Healthcare Provided
Some senior communities offer healthcare options, ranging from limited support to communities with on-site care facilities. In addition to these services, residents may choose to receive services from in-home care providers who bring senior health care support services to the senior’s residence.

8. You Don’t Have to Be Retired
Although 55+ communities are often referred to as “retirement communities,” most of these neighborhoods do not require residents to actually be retired. The restrictions on living in one of these communities lies mostly on things like age and income.

Source: afrmortgage.com

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