24 Things You Need To Know About Lakeland

1. Lakeland’s Swans Are True Royalty

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Source: Flickr user Ken Ratcliff

Lakeland's most famous residents are the swans floating on Lake Morton and other city lakes. The swans moved in back in 1923, but predators and diseases wiped out the native population by 1954. A former Lakeland resident living in England heard about it and wrote to Queen Elizabeth II for help. She allowed the city to import two royal swans, and the 80 or so living here today are descendants of that pair.

2. “Edward Scissorhands” Was Filmed At Southgate Shopping Center

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Source: Izismile

Watch the shopping scene from “Edward Scissorhands” and keep your eyes peeled for the Southgate Shopping Center’s famous arch entrance. The storefront of the shop where Edward gets his hands sharpened belonged to an actual hardware store called the Crowder Brothers.

3. Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Our College’s Campus

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Source: Flickr user Tony Fischer

Lakeland's Florida Southern College is home to the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in one location anywhere in the world. In 1938, the college commissioned Wright to create an aesthetically stunning education center. Today, the college is an important facet of Lakeland life and the 12 Wright-designed structures are there for all to appreciate.


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